Location & Parking

The Second Street Market is located in Second Street in Langley between the Second Street Plaza in front of Callahan’s Fire House to the east and the Star Store parking lot to the west.  Second Street closes 1-7 PM every Friday from May through September.  Detour on First Street for through traffic.

Extra street parking can be found on third street and Anthes Ave.  The Langley Methodist Church parking lot on Anthes is public parking Monday-Saturday.  Public parking can also be found Monday-Saturday at the Island Church on 6th and Camano.

Pro tips:
Yes, Langley can get a bit congested.  Langley shares this characteristic with most towns worth visiting.  For those in the know, here are a few tips to ease your day:

  • Parking becomes more plentiful after 4 PM
  • If you live in town, consider walking or biking into the village
  • Get someone else to drive by taking fare-free Island Transit
  • Stretch your legs and park up the block, there are usually spots available
  • Some businesses have extra, dedicated parking off Third Street including:
    Useless Bay Coffee, The Braeburn & The Langley Village businesses
  • Come early and stay awhile.  Grab brunch and take the afternoon in Langley